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As the vehicle owner, you will need to provide keys, signed title and access to the vehicle. The tow truck driver will hand you the cash on the spot.

Q&As About Selling Your Used Car

How to Get Cash for Used and Junk Cars Cash Near Me

How to junk a car? Well, when you need to junk your car, the first thing you need to do is find where to sell junk cars for cash. You might question places offering checks for junk cars though, and taking a check or some other form of payment is actually unsafer and not preferable since checks can bounce. That’s why tow truck drivers pay you in cash on the spot when they pick up your junk vehicle. Plus, we do not haggle down the price when the driver arrives like many other “Cash 4 Junk Cars” places.

Where to Sell Used or Junk Cars Fast? I Need to Junk My Car Now

Who buys junk cars near me at fair prices? Well, is a top junk car buyer around the Los Angeles area, and do things a little differently than most car junkers. Since we operate locally, we can come to your location any where in Los Angeles! The free junk car removal is definitely an added bonus to you. This makes it incredibly convenient to junk any car for a decent price with little work on your part. All you have to do is give us a few details about your vehicle to get an offer.

Can I Sell My Used or Junk Car for $700?

Getting $700 cash for used cars isn’t unheard of, but the price will always range depending on year, make, model, trim, location, and any damage to the vehicle. That’s why we have a used car value calculator to give you an accurate and best price for your used car. I’ve tried to junk my car for 700 cash near me before and at the end of the process people will haggle you down to $500 for used cars. Using our guaranteed pricing tool ensures you get paid the same quote for your junk car we give you at the start.

Cash for Used or Junk Cars Same Day Pick Up

Our junk car pick up is typically within 24-48 hours, and depending on your location, may be same day! When you junk cars for money, the service and speed of pick up can be questionable. However, with over 15 years of junk car appraisal, buying, and pick up, we pick your junk car up fast. We’re also one of the best places that buys junk cars for top dollar with outstanding customer service! Junk car prices per ton in 2018 can be low, but we always try to offer top pay for junk cars. You won’t have to wonder who pays the most for junk cars any more.

Sell My Used or Junk Car Now - We Buy Used or Junk Cars Near You in 24-48 Hours

Our free used or junk car pick up usually arrives in 24-48 hours, which means no waiting around for payment. With instant online or phone offers on top of that there is very little waiting and no time wasted in your junk car selling process. Whether you have to sell an old car, or beat up car that doesn’t run, we will make you an offer now. If you have any more questions see our FAQs page.